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Best Floor Jack

What's A Floor Jack

When it comes to work with your car, there are many most basic necessities in your garage. A good floor jack is one of them. When the job involve getting your car up in the air so that there is enough space you can work underneath it, the floor jack make the job easier and faster. If you are looking for a floor jack and want some advices on how big a jack or what kind of style you needs, follow us and continue read our guide here.


Rule 1:

Auto jacks fall into three main types: scissor, bottle and hydraulic. The hydraulic floor jack is the most used and popular type in the auto world. It works better than other types as it’s flexible and stable. Another fact is that they are wheeled and thus more mobile. While if you’re looking for a limited budget and has a high lifting capacity jack, a bottle jack would be your choice.


Rule 2:

The type of your car plays an important role in choosing your floor jack. Here, you should consider the ground clearance that is measured by the height from the ground to your floor jack.

2.1 A 2-ton floor jack is typically used for small to medium cars, like sports coupes/.

2.2 A 3-ton floor jack is capable lifting medium to full size car, like vans, and SUVs.

2.3 For a heavy vehicle, you would need a 4-5 ton floor jack, like Cadillac Escalade

In case you have no idea which weight capacity you needs, we strongly recommend a 3 ton floor jack.


Rule 3:

Check the Lifting capability after you choose the right type, which is the most important feature of any kind of floor jack and it decides how much weight can it safety shifted. Typically, Hand operated hydraulic floor jacks are capable for lifting 1-1.5 tons, many of them can up to 20 tons. 2-ton and 3-ton floor jacks are by far the most common. Make sure the maximum capacity of floor jack exceeds the total weight of your car.


Rule 4:

Another important factor that decides the quality of floor jack is its material. Most of the floor jacks are made out of either steel or aluminum. If you use the floor jack just in your garage, a steel floor jack is good for you. It’s less expensive than an aluminum model. But it’s really heavy so this kind of floor jacks are less portable, and not as sleek. The reason why aluminum models are so popular among auto world because they are strong but much lighter and portable. Generally, every car needs an aluminum floor jack. 


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